Thanks For Everything, NYC

Two years ago, I moved to New York City with a ton of excitement, curiosity, and ambition. I felt ready to begin my career after spending 22 years (with the exception of a semester in Washington DC and lots of summers at camp) in the Midwest. And while I had a pretty good feeling about this move, the past two years exceeded all my expectations in so many ways. And as I get ready to leave New York City (more on that at the bottom), I’m thinking back to all of the things that I’ve learned and loved by this awesome city!

Things I’ve Learned

Just a couple of months after I moved to NYC, I wrote about some of my initial reactions of being a 22-year old Oklahomie in the city that never sleeps. From the colorful restaurants and streets to the people that just keep moving, I had already fallen love with this city and that love has only increased. I also feel like I’ve learned so much from NYC and the incredible people here. So here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Even in a big city, find fun and relaxing parks
  2. Find a great bagel shop (shout-out to Lenny’s on 98th & Broadway)
  3. Those lazy mornings on the weekends are so sustaining
  4. Getting lost on the subway happens often
  5. Find awesome roommates (thanks Elan & Omer!)
  6. Don’t be afraid of cockroaches – make them be afraid
  7. Find a fulfilling job and put 110% into it
  8. Explore all the great landmarks (I failed at this…)
  9. Learning happens all around
  10. Leaving just means there’s an opportunity to come back



What’s Next?

Six months ago, I wrote about some of my dreams and tangible resolutions for 2018. At that time, there were a ton of things up in the air, so here’s a quick update:

  1. I’m leaving New York City to move to Washington D.C. to live with my girlfriend, Lindsey! We’ll be in Columbia Heights, so come visit!
  2. I’m staying at URJ as the Associate Director for College Engagement where I’ll get to do everything college for the Reform Movement

As I get ready to make this big transition in my life, I’m feeling so much gratitude for the people that have made my New York City experience so meaningful, memorable, and full of love and growth. The great part is that I’ll be back in NYC often for work and to see friends (it’s only a 3.5 hour train ride). But for now, this is my official goodbye, NYC. I hope you keep growing and thriving and taking care of the people that I love so much. Thanks for everything, NYC!

Evan Traylor is a rabbinical student and Jewish community builder, educator, activist, and writer. Through Judaism, he strives to bring more love, justice, truth, and peace into communities around the world.

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  1. You’re welcome.


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