An Oklahomie in NYC

Even though I’ve been traveling a lot for work, it’s been a little bit more than two months since I moved my belongings and my life to New York City. While certainly a big adjustment, I’ve felt ready and excited to take this exciting step in my life. From finding an apartment and learning my daily subway route, to seeing random Broadway shows and finding a place to do my laundry, it’s all an adventure that I’ve been anxiously anticipating for a while now. After a whirlwind couple of months, I’m taking some time to slow down and understand everything that makes New York City so special.

I see people of all shapes, colors, demeanor, posture, and expression moving past one another, seemingly intent on achieving every goal their heart desires.

I hear planes, trains, automobiles, and subways rushing past me, taking the people aboard toward their livelihood, their family, their unintended destination, and their destiny.

I think a million thoughts as I whirl past a million people, wondering what millions of thoughts they are thinking, and wondering if they’re thinking the same about everyone else.

I smell a swirl of cuisines as I walk up the street, the flowers surrounding me in both Riverside and Central Parks, and that not-quite-right smell of the underground subway station.

I touch another hand to make someone’s acquaintance, the rail inside the subway to keep me upright, and the top of my forehead, wiping away the beads of sweat that have inevitably gathered as I walk down Third Avenue.

I taste the steaming hot pizzas, the wake-me-up-in-the-morning bagels, the quickly made Starbucks drink, and the thoughtful, authentic diner breakfast that is served all day long.

I feel simultaneously attached to every person I witness and independent, knowing that our destinies and legacies are intricately connected while also confident in my ability to craft my own.

I believe I’m working toward a higher and righteous calling toward making our world a more whole place for every single person.

I’m excited to continue this adventure in what I have discovered to truly be the city that never sleeps! If you have any suggestions of restaurants, museums, or experiences I need to explore while I’m here, please let me know. While I’ve been no stranger to big cities, this is a big adjustment because I’ve always called Oklahoma home until this year. I’ll be sure to check-in every now and again and reflect upon everything going on in my new city. Here’s to many more spectacular adventures for the Oklahomie in NYC!

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