Is “Work-Life Balance” Really The Answer?

It’s one of the age-old pieces of advice for people just beginning their professional careers: be sure to maintain a good work-life balance. On the surface, this statement makes sense. It’s important to be dedicated to your career, while also making time for the other necessary parts of life. It’s a natural extension of our traditional ideas of work stemming from the Industrial Revolution. People would go to an office or factory, work a set amount of hours doing mostly predictable work (with a lunch break in between), and then go home at the end of the day. For the time that it was created, and for much of recent history, it was a system that really made sense.

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Too Evicted To Survive

“It is hard to argue that housing is not a fundamental human need. Decent, affordable housing should be a basic right for everybody in this country. The reason is simple: without stable shelter, everything else falls apart.” – Matthew Desmond, Evicted

What if I didn’t know where I would sleep tonight? How would I feel after calling dozens of landlords trying to find an apartment, and all of them saying no? What if I had children depending on me, but couldn’t find them a home or food? These were just some of the many questions swirling in my head while I was reading Matthew Desmond’s brilliant and powerful book, Evicted.

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We All Have A Role To Play

I’ve often struggled with thinking about my role in making the world a better place. I am deeply committed to fighting oppression and helping people in many ways…yet, I know that there is always more that I could do. I’m not a professional organizer or activist. I don’t go to every single rally in my community.  I don’t volunteer as often as I wish I would. I always feel like there’s something more I should be doing.

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