Evan Lerner Traylor
April 2, 1994
Black/White & Jewish
Oklahoma –> Kansas –> New York City –> Washington D.C.
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Evan Traylor is an educator, activist, community builder, and innovator who strives to inspire hearts and minds to spread love, have faith, pursue justice, and create wholeness for all people. Evan believes deeply in the power of Judaism to give care, love, and empowerment as we continue seeking a true Promise Land for each and every person in the world. Some of his favorite things in the world are Judaism, playing and watching sports, Boy Meets World, reading, social justice, singing and dancing, politics, Jayhawk basketball, and traveling.

Originally from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Evan graduated in May 2016 from the University of Kansas studying political science, Jewish studies, and leadership studies. During his senior year at KU, Evan was selected as the winner of the ExCEL Award for excellence in community engagement, education, and leadership. He recently moved to New York City and began working for the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) as its first Presidential Fellow for Millennial Engagement. Evan has been an active member of the Jewish community and is an alum of NFTY, URJ Greene Family Camp, NFTY in Israel, and JDC Entwine. Previously, he held leadership positions as the North American President of NFTY, engagement intern for Kansas Hillel, trustee on the URJ Board, student member on the Hillel International Board of Directors, program director at the URJ Kutz Camp, and co-founder of the Hillel International Student Cabinet.