My 2019 Resolutions

Hello 2019! Last year was big for me – I changed jobs, moved to Washington DC, traveled a ton, tried new things, and continued to learn about myself. After making several resolutions for last year and intentions for last year, I’m ready to try again for 2019. I may still call them resolutions, but this time around, I’m really focused on living out my three key theme words for the year and fulfilling specific goals that align with them.

Joy, Meaning, & Interdependence
Let’s start with the first theme word for the year – joy. I’ve always been a super positive, happy guy because that’s truly just who I am. But this year, I want to double down on seeking out and creating more joyful moments in my life. Whether it’s traveling to new places, taking vacation seriously and not working, playing more basketball, or just watching more TV, I want to make more time where I am just having fun and experiencing joy.

Next theme word for the year – meaning. I often think that all of us on this planet are just searching and hoping for experiences, people, and things that give us meaning and purpose in our lives. I know that I feel that way. I find deep meaning in my work at the URJ, in my relationships, and in many of the small and big activities that make up each day. But this year, I’m craving more of those meaningful moments – more learning about unknown topics, more singing loudly at Friday night services, and more time working toward a better world.

The last theme word for the year – interdependence. I got that phrase from my first book of 2019 – The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. More mature than dependence and independence, here’s how Covey defines it: “Interdependence is the paradigm of we – we can do it; we can cooperate; we can combine our talents and abilities and create something greater together.” With this idea of interdependence, I want to remind myself that we are bound up with one another, each and every one of us. I want to learn from more people, develop deeper relationships with those people already in my life, and work together with more people to create the communities and world we want to see.

Specific Goals
In addition to these theme words for 2019, I’m also setting tangible goals that align with joy, meaning, and interdependence. Check out some of my goals for this year below and let me know if you have a similar one – let’s hold each other accountable during 2019!

  • Read 40 books, or about 3-4 each month
  • Train for and run a 1/2 marathon
  • Study for and take the GRE
  • Travel to 3 new places, including 1 international location
  • Maintain my productive, centering 3-hour morning routine
  • Celebrate Shabbat every week
  • Expand this website to be a resource to more people
  • Better define and strengthen my work at URJ
  • Volunteer once a week in DC
  • Connect with my family and friends more frequently

Again, let me know if you have a similar goal for 2019! Whether you have goals, resolutions, intentions, or themes for this year, I hope this year is one of love, growth, and happiness. Happy 2019!

Evan Traylor is a rabbinical student and Jewish community builder, educator, activist, and writer. Through Judaism, he strives to bring more love, justice, truth, and peace into communities around the world.

4 comments on “My 2019 Resolutions

  1. We’re runnkng that half marathon together.


  2. Damn, this is an impressive list – but knowing you, I’m not surprised at all. Looking forward to seeing you in D.C. for Consultation! Drinks?


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