Reading Recap: December 2017

As with every month, I’ve been hooked on a good variety of books in December, including entrepreneurship, criminal justice reform, and the second president of the United States. Here’s my book recap for December 2017.

img_2543-1The Startup Way
Eric Ries
As someone creating a new area of work in my organization, Ries’s book brought to light some fascinating ways to think about innovation and entrepreneurship. Although I didn’t enjoy Ries’s writing style and it was the not the most concise read, The Startup Way is important information for people who want to make an impact in their organization, especially those with more traditional operating style. You can read more of my thoughts about this book here and how I want to use its concepts in my work. Happy innovating!

img_2617Becoming Ms. Burton
Susan Burton & Cari Lynn
If you want to truly understand the structures and impact of the United States criminal justice system, you need to read this book. From the very first page, Susan Burton will pull you directly into the tragedy of her own life experiences in prison, while also providing a thorough analysis of the horrors and opportunities that exist in reforming our system. It’s an incredibly powerful narrative of redemption, hope, and promise for the future.

img_2663John Adams
David McCullough
Among all of the Founding Fathers, we too often pass over John Adams. However, throughout the 651 pages of this classic book (seriously…651 pages), I found myself in awe of all the contributions that Adams gave to our country. McCullough’s details of every part of the life of John Adams gave me a full picture of a incredibly dedicated husband, father, thinker, and civil servant who had the vision, grit, and ingenuity to create a brand new country.

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