Reading Recap: October 2017

This month features three books on very different topics; but I found myself fascinated with all of them equally. Here’s my book recap for October 2017!

img_2348The Yiddish Policemen’s Union
Michael Chabon
As I’m not usually a fiction or mystery reader, this book took me a while to get going; but once I was hooked, I really enjoyed this one! Set in world in which the creation of the modern state of Israel failed and Jews have been given land in Alaska, Chabon takes us on a complicated and fascinating murder mystery. While all the characters have their flaws, I found myself incredibly attached to them and their stories as they come to terms with and understand a murder, family and community strains, and a secret international plot that you won’t believe until you read it.

Matthew Desmond
Set in Milwaukee but having big implications for the entire country, Evicted is Matthew Desmond’s intense exploration of poverty and homelessness. Rooted in personal narratives of individuals and families with just the right sprinkle of policy analysis, Evicted will have you wanting to do everything you can to change our tragic and unjust systems in the United States. You can read my book review to get more of my thoughts on this powerful and necessary book.

img_2401What Happened
Hillary Clinton
It was the question that all of us were asking after last year’s election and now Hillary Clinton has her answer. As many commentators have said, Clinton finally let her guard down to talk about all the craziness of the election and how she lost: Comey, the Russians, sexism, voter suppression, and more. Did I mention Comey too? This book is important for a number of reasons, but especially because I hope it marks a turning point for Democrats – it’s time to move past the woes of 2016 and focus on winning in every future election.

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