Holding Hope While the World Crumbles

How do we hold on to hope during an extremely scary, volatile, and oppressive time? Every time we look at our phones, it seems that something devastating has hit our country and world. But I am hopeful. In the face of everything going on this week, I’m thinking a lot about…

Shabbat in Tel Aviv. Last week, I got to spend Shabbat with 43 incredible people as I co-staffed a Birthright Israel Trip. As we gathered as a community to usher in Shabbat, a time of rest and renewal each Friday to Saturday night, so many people were experiencing the opposite of rest as Donald Trump became President of the United States. It was a surreal experience. Even during that dark moment back home, I found so much comfort and hope in celebrating Shabbat with a community of loving and passionate people in Israel.

Women’s March. Do I need to say any more? After a day of true tragedy for the moral conscience of the United States, millions of people around the world came out and marched for justice, equality, and a better world. While I couldn’t join a march in Israel, the entire movement was powerful.

Growing Opposition. Now that Trump is president, we have a lot of work to do. I’ve talked about Countable before, but I can’t get enough of this app. It’s the perfect way to stay on top of all legislation and executive orders coming out of Washington. If you want tangible ways for action, sign-up for the Movement to Oppose Trump, a weekly email from Michael Skolnik. It’s full of ways to get involved. And, be sure to follow some awesome government officials who are tweeting the truth: Alternative US National Park Service, Alternative EPA, and Rogue NASA.

Do Your Part. One piece of Jewish text that continually gives me hope comes from Pirkei Avot: “You are not expected to complete the task, but neither are you free to avoid it”. Each one of us has a part in making our world a better place. We can’t fix everything; it’s impossible. But we can commit to doing our part. The stakes are too high for us to give up, yet they must not paralyze us. Let’s set out each day and provide the light our communities and world so desperately need.

Love and strength,

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