A Prayer for Election Day

As Americans from all parts of the country descend to their polling places, let us pray for an election that lives out the ideals of liberty, justice, and equality for all people.

We pray that any barriers to voting, whether human constructed or natural, fail in their mission and that every citizen seizes the opportunity to participate in our system of representation and leadership.

As much as we encourage our friends and families to exercise their right to vote, we must remind ourselves of those in our midst who will not be voting in this election — our children, those kept from citizenship, those captive in our criminal justice system, and so many others — and ensure their voices are lifted up during this important moment.

In the face of an election season that has inflamed hatred and mistrust, we pray for civility and compassion toward one another.

As we make decisions that impact all those within our borders and those abroad, we pray that the wisdom of previous generations overcomes falsehoods and close-mindedness.

We acknowledge the human-created and sustained hatred that inflicts violence on so many individuals, and we pray that justice throughout every city and state will triumph and be declared the ultimate winner in this election.

Knowing we have many challenges to confront after we elect our officials, we pray for moral courage, unwavering compassion, and bold leadership as we unite with one another and continue on our sacred journey toward a more perfect union.

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